TEAM Spirit

July 23-26

TEAM Spirit VBS is a team game based event. We will learn and play games like Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, and cheerleading all while learning what it means to be part of a team and about Jesus.

No sports knowledge is necessary- we will have expert coaches every night to teach the basics of the game and help them through playing. 

If your child is not physically able to or does not want to play the games, we still have a way for them to participate! They can be on TEAM Snacks and help prepare the snack then cheer on the teams as they go head-to-head the second part of the night. Please indicate this desire at registration, or by contacting Rev. Heather Santi-Brown at

Volunteers and Participant registration... click here to register!


Q: What ages is TEAM Spirit for?

A: VBS is for children who have completed Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Q: Is it free?

A: YES! We do accept donations for the event, if you wish to give in some way; simply label them for VBS and the office will process that for you.

Q: What if we have a food allergy in our family?

A: Please note this on the online registration from. We make every effort to accommodate food allergies and notify you of foods that may have come in contact with the allergen. Please note that we cannot promise there is no cross-contamination as our kitchen is used for many purposes during the week; if your child is that sensitive, please plan on providing a snack each night that is safe for them to eat. 

Q: My child has special needs. Will he/she be welcomed at the event.

A: Absolutely! We will make accommodations if you child wants and is able to play the physical games, just help us know your child's ability. If your child cannot physically play the games, or does not want to, they will be on TEAM snacks and prepare and serve the snack for the night then cheer on the teams in the second part of the night.  Please contact Pastor Heather in advance and she will be happy to go over the event with you in advance and make any accommodations we are able to make the experience wonderful for you and your child.  

For other questions, please contact Rev. Heather Santi-Brown at or 817-277-2634