Building for Connections

It has been more than ten years since this congregation seriously committed to support a major capital improvement.  “This project is long over-do. We have been deferring making these necessary changes for years. Now is the time to get this done” said Mr. Ed Peters, former Building Committee Chair. “There are many other areas that need work, but the project that we submitted to the congregation holds the best promise of solving our most pressing need.”

This project is more than just a remodeling project. It is a renewal project. With its completion we are striving for a renewed sense of faith and enthusiasm for the ministries of First Christian Church, Arlington -- to re-commit ourselves to our faith and to our covenant together as a community of faith.

Centered in Christ

At First Christian Church, we are first and foremost centered in Christ. We believe that Christ is at the center of all we do and are.

This capital campaign is no different. In order for us to more fully live into the calling have been discerning over the past four years, we must make physical changes to our building.

This entire process has been grounded in prayer and listening for God's guidance for the future of our building and congregation. 

Formed in Relationships

While our building has served us well in the past, as we seek to live into our identity of being formed in relationships, our building needs to change.

We are excited for the future of physically opening up spaces for members, visitors, and the community to form and foster relationships within our building. In addition to making large changes and additions to our building, we will also be making many updates throughout the building to help solve problems we have been facing for years, as well as become more visually attractive.