Pardon Our Dust

We are excited that we have started our Building for Connections project! However, this means many changes in how we enter and use our building. 

If you are looking for the church office, please enter the middle breezeway, the Blackwood Hall doors. Our office staff will direct you to clergy offices from there.

If you are coming to worship, you should enter through the Digby Center doors. These are the last doors you get to before getting to the garden.

Many of our Sunday school classes have been displaced to Blackwood Hall, the Library and other areas. We would be glad to help you find your class!

Centered in Christ... Formed in Relationships

At First Christian Church, we are first followers of Christ and we seek to follow Christ in all that we do. Whether it's worship, study, or fellowship, we believe that Christ is at the center. We believe so strongly in this because we believe that Christ is not simply the center of our worship, but should influence every part of our lives. 

We believe that forming and fostering relationships is key. We believe this is important, first, in forming and nurturing a relationship with God through study and worship experiences. Secondly, it is important in fostering relationships with others through meals, service, and other relationship building ministries. The relationships formed here are the same ones that will be with you as you celebrate joys, walk in grief, and simply live life.